Taylor Swift, still a country girl?

IMG_1362 Unless you have been trapped under your washing pile, you will have noticed that former country darling and pop culture “it” girl Taylor Swift was in town this month.

With sold out shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, Taylor has been traversing Australia and documenting it for her 52.5 million Instagram fans. Not since Paul Hogan’s ‘put a shrimp on the barbie’ campaign has Australia had so much exposure in the US.


Taylor has been filling her social media feeds with iconic pictures of Australia including the selfie with a grey kangaroo which currently has 2.3 million likes.

IMG_1364What we are wondering though, does Taylor still enjoy the support of the western boot wearing crowd? Do the cowboys and cowgirls that turned her in to a superstar still listen to Tay Tay?

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Junior Western at The Western Boot Barn

For a long time there has been a lack of choice when it comes to buying boots for the junior cowgirl and cowboys. The Western Boot Barn brings to you the largest selection of western boots available in Australia for immediate shipping. We have bought in for the juniors the coveted brands such as Dan Post, Tony Lama, Ariat and Rocky Brands.

Together with our full returns policy, free shipping and free returns we have it all covered. What more do you need?

Christmas Wish List

Are you dreaming of your favourite styles wrapped up under the Christmas tree this season? The artisan craftsmanship of the Dan Post Vintage BlueBird has been much sought after all season. If you are wanting authentic cowboy western than you cannot go past Tony Lama Java Conquistador Western. For the juniors, Ariat have produced funky and traditional styles for the cowgirls and cowboys. We love Buckaroo Blaze and Crossroads Western.

Deliveries are available right up until Christmas Eve. Make sure you choose our Express Post option.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Wish List Wednesday

Are you loyal to a certain make of boots? Do you always know what to order in terms of size and style to get the right fit? Well those of use who have been buying boots for a good few years now have learnt about what works for us. Occasionally we like to branch out and try something different – in fact most of us can stumble upon a new style or look this way.

This week I am loving these Sendra ankle boots. Currently $259 at the Western Boot Barn with free delivery Australia wide I think I may have found a new style!

Taking stock

This has been one of my favourite weekends of the year, as we have just passed the Winter Solstice and the days now start to get longer so we can begin to look forward to Spring. It’s a good time to take stock and get ready for the warmer days ahead.

Having been in the shoe business, supplying retailers around Australia and New Zealand for more than 20 years, we knew change was afoot in terms of the growth of online shopping and the affect it would have on traditional retailers but we never envisaged the incredibly dramatic transformation that is now taking place.

We launched The Western Boot Barn just one month ago and the reaction has been amazing. Literally thousands of you have been visiting the site and buying boots, confirming the pent up demand for good quality western and biker boots being made available here in Australia at the best possible prices.

The Western Boot Barn Facebook page was launched with the idea of showing that we don’t only sell boots but have other interests just like you. This has also won many fans, confirming our belief that ¬†there are many of you looking to share good stories and great music.

Now the challenge is to continue evolving and improving.

We have just introduced a fantastic new feature on the website called Find Your Boots. All you need to do, is enter your size and click ‘Find By Size’ to display all the styles we currently have available to fit you. How simple is that?

We will soon be shipping in more stock to fill the gaps in inventory and introduce more new styles. So you will have even more to choose from.

The Western Boot Barn website is there for you, so your suggestions are highly valued and always welcome. If there are some styles of boots you would like to see in the collection or if you see a way the site can be improved or if you have a story or photo you want to share, then please get in touch with us through the Contact section or on the Facebook page. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Post Boots

Dan Post Boots was first introduced as a brand in the 1960’s. Their boots have developed a faithful following who love the styling, extra comfort and fine craftsmanship all available at really very competitive prices. Having dealt with this company for many years, I can vouch for their very sincere approach to the business of supplying the market with great quality western boots. The people I know at Dan Post Boots remain the same as those when we first started doing business together almost 20 years ago, which says a lot about the type of company they are; it’s like dealing with family.

This video shows how Dan Post Cowboy Certified Boots boots are handmade in Mexico.

Visit the Dan Post page at The Western Boot Barn and see what we currently offer.

The pursuit of excellence

The sun rises and sets, seasons come and go, nature has formed into a beautiful system which defines our sense of perfection. Take a moment to marvel at the structure of a flower or stare across the moving expanse of the ocean or a sandy desert to see how it is a living and breathing mass of life, seemingly empty but so much more than that when you take a moment to embrace it.

Meanwhile, us humans charge around, driven by the anxiety of a day to day existence involving work, eat, sleep and very little time for play. All the stuff we invent to make life easier just drives us to achieve even more on the relentless pursuit of “growth” with little regard for the natural system that we inhabit.

Tony Lama El Paso Cowgirl Boots

Looking at a pair of boots or a belt, consider where the materials have come from: the leather, the thread, the rubber, the metal – they have all come from from something that grows and breathes or been dug out of the earth. Think about the amount of work that just goes into finding those raw materials. Then think about the people involved in sourcing them and trucking them to the manufacturer. Every article we wear has been designed by someone, then made either by hand or using machines. The packaging has been designed then made from cardboard which comes from trees. More transportation gets all these things to the factory. Then we step in and place orders to bring inventory from around the world into our warehouse ready for delivery to you.


The internet itself is a vast network of machines and people all doing an enormous amount of work to make websites and blogs possible. The machines you use to connect to us also tell a long story.

So, next time you handle a beautiful pair of boots like these just take a moment to think of all the many pairs of hands and the amount of love that has gone into bringing them to you.

At The Western Boot Barn, we pride ourselves on always seeking to be offering the very best available for the price, being mindful of where all these things come from and to whom they are eventually going.