Taylor Swift, still a country girl?

IMG_1362 Unless you have been trapped under your washing pile, you will have noticed that former country darling and pop culture “it” girl Taylor Swift was in town this month.

With sold out shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, Taylor has been traversing Australia and documenting it for her 52.5 million Instagram fans. Not since Paul Hogan’s ‘put a shrimp on the barbie’ campaign has Australia had so much exposure in the US.


Taylor has been filling her social media feeds with iconic pictures of Australia including the selfie with a grey kangaroo which currently has 2.3 million likes.

IMG_1364What we are wondering though, does Taylor still enjoy the support of the western boot wearing crowd? Do the cowboys and cowgirls that turned her in to a superstar still listen to Tay Tay?

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NSW Storms and a Life Without Coffee. Where Are We Now?


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As you have no doubt heard, 10 days ago we had a lot of wet stuff on the NSW Central Coast. Amongst other things we lost all of our phones and communication and are now ensconced in a Smart Hub … Continue reading

Jerry’s Cafe Kulnura with Henry

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Jerry’s Cafe at Kulnura is a haven for those travelers on the Great North Road. It has full roadside table service which makes it the place to be if your in to chatting about all things road bike.
It also happens to be our only coffee stop on the trip in to The Western Boot Barn office. Henry and I stop in, grab our coffee and admire all of the bikes, whilst surreptitiously checking out what biker boots they are wearing.
Plenty of Chippewa and Durango Boots to be seen. We need Henry to break the ice and find out if they are Western Boot Barn customers.

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Chippewa – the best by far

Men's 11" Engineer  97863 The classic biker boot for men, original and timeless. The best doesn't come cheap but lasts a lot longer

Engineer 97863
The classic biker boot for men, original and timeless. The best doesn’t come cheap but lasts a lot longer

Not all boot aficionados wear cowboy boots. Some prefer the classic harness or engineer styles that can work overtime in many different situations like riding a bike or just hanging out. They need to be stylish as well as comfortable and that’s where the Western Boot Barn has it covered with their great range of Chippewa Boots from America. Handcrafted by people who care, authentic and unique, the brand resonates pride and quality with fans all around the world.

The Chippewa brand has an impressive history. Created in 1901, the company has manufactured top quality boots for every purpose ever since and still occupies the sameĀ  workshop in downtown Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They are credited with inventing the original engineer boot in 1937 as a semi dress type of field boot for engineers and other outdoor workers. This classic style then went on to become a famous motorcycle icon after appearing in the outlaw biker films of the 1950’s, and with this enduring endorsement, the engineer and harness styles forever symbolise the rebellion of youth and freedom of the open road.

Euro Rally 27862 High performance biking boot

Euro Rally 27862
High performance biking boot

So don’t grab the first pair of boots you see. Take a look at the impressive range of Chippewa Boots on offer at The Western Boot Barn. They’re functional as well as fashionable.

Click here to see the range of Chippewa boots we have on offer. More styles will be arriving soon.