Style Inspiration

Style Inspiration
Fringed mini denim shorts paired with handcrafted Spanish Sendra biker boots and a Harley tee. ships worldwide and free delivery, free returns in Australia and New Zealand.
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Cowgirl Style

Cowgirl Style

Chicwish faux fur vest
55 AUD –

Flight jacket
23 AUD –

Bailey Western cowgirl hat
155 AUD –

Jerry’s Cafe Kulnura with Henry

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Jerry’s Cafe at Kulnura is a haven for those travelers on the Great North Road. It has full roadside table service which makes it the place to be if your in to chatting about all things road bike.
It also happens to be our only coffee stop on the trip in to The Western Boot Barn office. Henry and I stop in, grab our coffee and admire all of the bikes, whilst surreptitiously checking out what biker boots they are wearing.
Plenty of Chippewa and Durango Boots to be seen. We need Henry to break the ice and find out if they are Western Boot Barn customers. free delivery, free returns + lay-by stocking all the major boot brands. Sendra, Nocona, Tony Lama, Dan Post, Durango, Dingo, Justin, Laredo, Chippewa, Georgia, Rocky Boots, Ariat Boots Australia, specialising in biker boots Australia, cowboy boots Australia, cowgirl boots Australia, western boots Australia, pony club boots Australia, work boots Australia, safety boots Australia, mens boots Australia and womens boots Australia.

Chippewa Lacers

Chippewa Lacers
These styles are hot right now. Together with the handcrafted quality of this old US brand Chippewa and the on trend style of the Lacer.

The Western Boot Barn offers superior customer service, free delivery and free returns Australia wide.
We specialise in cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, western boots, pony club boots, work boots, safety boots, riding boots, belts and hats.

We stock the brands Ariat boots australia, Durango boots, Nocona boots, Sendra boots, Chippewa boots, Georgia boots, Rancho boots, Dingo boots, Rocky boots, Laredo boots, Dan Post boots, and Tony Lama boots.

Mens fashion

Mens fashion


Fall/Winter Style



These are our current obsessions. You cannot surpass the handmade quality of the Sendra brand. Their boots are always on trend and the quality is exquisite. Closely followed by Dan Post, they are perfect fit & quality for the obsessed cowgirl. specialises in Pony Club Boots, mining boots, safety boots, security boots, roping boots, yard boots, western boots, showing boots, dressage boots, dress boots, leather boots Australia, Womens boots Australia, Mens Boots Australia, cutting boots, western pleasure boots, biker boots, cowgirl boots, cowboy boots and kids boots.

The Western Boot Barn stocks the brands Ariat Boots Australia, Sendra, Durango, Rocky, Georgia, Laredo, Dan Post, Justin Boots, Dingo, Rancho, Tony Lama, Nocona and Chippewa.

We offer a full no risk returns policy which includes free delivery and free returns Australia wide.

Sendra western boots

DP3620 Dan Post Lady Roy Western

DP3455 Dan Post Sidewinder Western

Laredo DP3256 Scroll Western

Buckskin Lusitano


Back In Stock

Back In Stock
We know how much you love the handcrafted boots from Sendra Spain. Both the Python and Caiman skins are back in stock in limited sizes so be quick.
Wait times whilst these boots are crafted and shipped to Australia is 4 months!The Western Boot Barn bring you the legendary boot brands Sendra Boots, Nocona Boots, Tony Lama, Ariat Boots Australia, Justin Boots, Durango, Rancho Boots, Chippewa, Georgia Boots, Dan Post Boots, Dingo Boots, Rocky Boots, Roper Boots and Laredo Boots.

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SE3241SANT Men’s Sendra Python

SE3241 Men’s Sendra Python

SE9396DENVER Men’s Sendra Python


Any Tin Haul Lovers?

Any Tin Haul Lovers?
We had an enquiry about these funky boots from Tin Haul the other day, and we are now wondering if we should stock them?

Do you love them? Why? bringing you mens boots australia, womens boots australia, cowgirl boots, cowboys boots, work boots, safety boots, mining boots, pony club boots, roping boots and junior boots.

Free delivery and free returns Australia wide.