NSW Storms and a Life Without Coffee. Where Are We Now?

As you have no doubt heard, 10 days ago we had a lot of wet stuff on the NSW Central Coast. Amongst other things we lost all of our phones and communication and are now ensconced in a Smart Hub 30 minutes up the road.

All of our order and delivery processes are automatic so whilst we were flooded in, your orders continued to flow out unaffected, but if you had tried to phone or email us, you may have had a slight delay. During this time we were working via our mobiles from the local library, and it was 7 days before our power came back on- smelly!

So here we will stay in our funky little smart hub until our phones are restored. To add to the challenges I have recently given up coffee. All was going along well until we arrived at the smart hub.

30 minutes in, I hear a sultry voice say “coffee”. I looked at Sean but he didn’t seem to hear it? A few minutes later I hear it again. “Sean did you hear that?”, “hear what he said?”

I started to question why those in the smart hub would be receiving directions to go and get coffee? It absolutely drove  me crazy all afternoon, to the point that I emailed my Dr to ask if I could please have a coffee! I’m sure Sean was wondering why I was manically checking my phone, whilst I waited for a reply from the Dr- no luck he said “no” 😦

It turns out that the fancy coffee machine, with the sultry voice says “coffee” every time somebody turns it on. We are on a mezzanine above the kitchen, so not only am I being driven to distraction by the smell but i get to be reminded every 5 minutes that everyone else is enjoying the caffeine!

As always we love to speak to our customers by phone, so feel free to call if you have any questions. http://www.westernbootbarn.com.au

Best Wishes


PS- did you hear that we now stock Baxter Boots!

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