Our Boots Tell Our Story

The Western Boot Barn’s biggest task is finding the right product for you. We look at all the top brands like Justin, Sendra, Durango, Tony Lama, Dan Post, Georgia, Nocona, Lucchese, Laredo and Dingo. The incredible selections on offer can be overwhelming and requires some firm decision making, even then we end up with more than ever expected.

The key for us at Western Boot Barn is to understand who you are and what you want. As one good friend says: “Our boots tell our story, before we have even had the chance to say ‘Hello’.” So we spend plenty of time thinking about who you may be. You could be a guy or a girl who works on a property way out west, riding a horse to round up cattle and check fences, getting down to the bar once in a while, spending quiet evenings resting and listening to your favourite music while checking out your friends online. Alternatively, you could be living in the City and can only dream of such a life but then hangs out with your mates at various bars and coffee shops, maybe rides a motorbike out on the open road on weekends, or goes to the footy then sees a band in the evening. Maybe you spend most of your life on the road as a truckie, a salesperson or a musician, getting to know every motel and camp site from one end of the country to the other, meeting new people who you get to know in passing but then bump into again some place later down the road or keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you are a mum on her own, your bloke’s working on a mine on the other side of the continent and you get to see him every few weeks when he’s on leave, it’s OK but it does get lonely sometimes. Then there are the men and women working on those mines and pipelines, 12 hour shifts 7 days a week, it’s tough and I know ‘cos I was in that line of work back in the ’70’s.

The boots you wear tell more about yourself than the job you do. They speak of your character and what you love whether it be music, quality craftsmanship, adventure, being with your close friends or a combination of all the above. Those boots must feel like they are your best mates, your feet must enjoy being inside them and put you in the right frame of mind to have a good time whatever you are doing.

That’s our mission.

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