Why Boots?

So what is the attraction of western boots?

Boots, whether they be Western or Biker, represent a free spirit. We all have heroes, some fictitious, who embody that character who is free to choose whichever road they fancy. Not bound by social rules, the one who will either light up the room or brood mysteriously in the shadows. They’ll disappear without notice, heading off who knows where as they want and arriving unheralded. Poetry and music is written about such characters, as they populate the legends of the frontiers of the New World both in the USA and here in Australia.


Ladyluck boots by Rocketbuster

The history of boots stems from a combination of the military and horsemanship. The first evidence of men wearing leather boots is seen from around 1100 BC when the Assyrians wore them. More recently, the Mongols wore them on horseback when invading Asia and Europe around 1200 AD. The Spanish wore them when first conquering North America and the English wore thigh high leather boots when emigrating there in the 1600’s. The Wellington style was based on those worn by the Duke of Wellington in the early 1800’s. After the end of the American Civil War in 1865, independent boot makers flourished in North America and with it was born the art of boot making as we know it today.

Here at the Western Boot Barn we want you to find those boots you have been looking for. You may not even know what they look like yet. If there is something you desperately want then let us know about it and we’ll see about getting them in for you.




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