There is a Time and a Place

Who are we and what are we planning?
My name is Sean and my partner is Karyne. We live in the Hunter Valley on a property just outside Wollombi, a magical place. It is really tranquil and only a couple of hours from central Sydney.

We got into the western and work boot business nearly 20 years ago when we started importing and wholesaling Durango and Georgia boots, since then we have worked with all the top brands out of USA and Europe, getting to know the business pretty well.

More recently, the growth of the internet has taken people like yourself online and looking to buy from whoever is offering the best range at the best price. This has hit local retailers hard and so many of them have been forced to drop out of boots and focus more on other lines which are easier for them to sell. This means the public is now finding it very difficult to buy the boots they want without having to shop overseas, which is OK except it means dealing with companies in other countries and distant time zones with very little hope of getting any help if you have a problem with the boots you buy. So this is where we step in.

The Western Boot Barn will be launching on the 1st April 2012. You will find the greatest selection of boots ever seen in Australia. All the top brands will be there, our prices will be directly competitive with those online stores in the USA after taking into account their delivery charges, we will be local and ready to talk to you any time, you will be able to return boots for exchange or refund – no questions asked.

So now is the time and this is the place. We look forward to being of service.


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