Dan Post Boots

Dan Post Boots was first introduced as a brand in the 1960’s. Their boots have developed a faithful following who love the styling, extra comfort and fine craftsmanship all available at really very competitive prices. Having dealt with this company for many years, I can vouch for their very sincere approach to the business of supplying the market with great quality western boots. The people I know at Dan Post Boots remain the same as those when we first started doing business together almost 20 years ago, which says a lot about the type of company they are; it’s like dealing with family.

This video shows how Dan Post Cowboy Certified Boots boots are handmade in Mexico.

Visit the Dan Post page at The Western Boot Barn and see what we currently offer.

The pursuit of excellence

The sun rises and sets, seasons come and go, nature has formed into a beautiful system which defines our sense of perfection. Take a moment to marvel at the structure of a flower or stare across the moving expanse of the ocean or a sandy desert to see how it is a living and breathing mass of life, seemingly empty but so much more than that when you take a moment to embrace it.

Meanwhile, us humans charge around, driven by the anxiety of a day to day existence involving work, eat, sleep and very little time for play. All the stuff we invent to make life easier just drives us to achieve even more on the relentless pursuit of “growth” with little regard for the natural system that we inhabit.

Tony Lama El Paso Cowgirl Boots

Looking at a pair of boots or a belt, consider where the materials have come from: the leather, the thread, the rubber, the metal – they have all come from from something that grows and breathes or been dug out of the earth. Think about the amount of work that just goes into finding those raw materials. Then think about the people involved in sourcing them and trucking them to the manufacturer. Every article we wear has been designed by someone, then made either by hand or using machines. The packaging has been designed then made from cardboard which comes from trees. More transportation gets all these things to the factory. Then we step in and place orders to bring inventory from around the world into our warehouse ready for delivery to you.


The internet itself is a vast network of machines and people all doing an enormous amount of work to make websites and blogs possible. The machines you use to connect to us also tell a long story.

So, next time you handle a beautiful pair of boots like these just take a moment to think of all the many pairs of hands and the amount of love that has gone into bringing them to you.

At The Western Boot Barn, we pride ourselves on always seeking to be offering the very best available for the price, being mindful of where all these things come from and to whom they are eventually going.

Justin Boots

Justin Boots is an icon of the American West. This brand was first established in 1879 by H.J. Justin in Texas. They were tough times in the Old West and and Justin Boots quickly developed a reputation for making top quality boots that withstand the rigours of living and working in some of the roughest environments on earth.

Here is a video showing how your Justin Boots are made

The Western Boot Barn offers a growing selection of western and work boots for you from the Justin catalogue. You can see them on the Justin brand page of our online store.  Check it out.

The Western Boot Barn is open for business

After many moons of hard slog we proudly announce The Western Boot Barn is open for business.

Boots and belts have been arriving from manufacturers in USA and Spain, they look so much better in the hand but here are some shots of my favourites to give you a taste, including python boots made by Sendra in Spain. We will be bringing in more exotic boots from Spain and the USA in the near future, making http://www.westernbootbarn.com.au the best destination for snakeskin boots in Australia. We’ll keep you posted.


Vintage Tan Legacy Rancher Boots

Nocona Cowboy Boots Handcrafted in USA


Spanish Snakeskin Boots

Sendra Snakeskin Boots Handmade in Spain

Our Boots Tell Our Story

The Western Boot Barn’s biggest task is finding the right product for you. We look at all the top brands like Justin, Sendra, Durango, Tony Lama, Dan Post, Georgia, Nocona, Lucchese, Laredo and Dingo. The incredible selections on offer can be overwhelming and requires some firm decision making, even then we end up with more than ever expected. Continue reading

Why Boots?

So what is the attraction of western boots?

Boots, whether they be Western or Biker, represent a free spirit. We all have heroes, some fictitious, who embody that character who is free to choose whichever road they fancy. Not bound by social rules, the one who will either light up the room or brood mysteriously in the shadows. They’ll disappear without notice, heading off who knows where as they want and arriving unheralded. Poetry and music is written about such characters, as they populate the legends of the frontiers of the New World both in the USA and here in Australia. Continue reading

There is a Time and a Place

Who are we and what are we planning?
My name is Sean and my partner is Karyne. We live in the Hunter Valley on a property just outside Wollombi, a magical place. It is really tranquil and only a couple of hours from central Sydney.

We got into the western and work boot business nearly 20 years ago when we started importing and wholesaling Durango and Georgia boots, since then we have worked with all the top brands out of USA and Europe, getting to know the business pretty well.

More recently, the growth of the internet has taken people like yourself online and looking to buy from whoever is offering the best range at the best price. This has hit local retailers hard and so many of them have been forced to drop out of boots and focus more on other lines which are easier for them to sell. This means the public is now finding it very difficult to buy the boots they want without having to shop overseas, which is OK except it means dealing with companies in other countries and distant time zones with very little hope of getting any help if you have a problem with the boots you buy. So this is where we step in.

The Western Boot Barn will be launching on the 1st April 2012. You will find the greatest selection of boots ever seen in Australia. All the top brands will be there, our prices will be directly competitive with those online stores in the USA after taking into account their delivery charges, we will be local and ready to talk to you any time, you will be able to return boots for exchange or refund – no questions asked.

So now is the time and this is the place. We look forward to being of service.