Your clothes say who you are

When we buy clothes we are looking not just at function but at how much they represent ourselves. If you have an extrovert character you will more likely wear something that attracts attention, compared to the quiet achiever who dresses in more sober tones.


Tony Lama San Saba

Eye-catching beauty

Nocona Legacy Rancher

Unassuming elegance








Someone who is more careful with their money will look at the inherent value of whatever they buy. For example, it makes more sense to spend a little more on something that is made with quality and will last much longer than buying the cheapest on offer only to watch it fall apart in a few months. Making sensible choices and clothing yourself in quality gives you a better sense of yourself.

Sendra Belt






Then you have to look at matching well. Finding the right shirt to go with the trousers that suit the boots and the belt all takes time. So where to begin? When you find something you love, like a beautiful belt, you’ll probably already have those things that match it as it appeals to your sense of yourself; if you don’t then it’s time to go shopping and find those things that speak of who you are.

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