The pursuit of excellence

The sun rises and sets, seasons come and go, nature has formed into a beautiful system which defines our sense of perfection. Take a moment to marvel at the structure of a flower or stare across the moving expanse of the ocean or a sandy desert to see how it is a living and breathing mass of life, seemingly empty but so much more than that when you take a moment to embrace it.

Meanwhile, us humans charge around, driven by the anxiety of a day to day existence involving work, eat, sleep and very little time for play. All the stuff we invent to make life easier just drives us to achieve even more on the relentless pursuit of “growth” with little regard for the natural system that we inhabit.

Tony Lama El Paso Cowgirl Boots

Looking at a pair of boots or a belt, consider where the materials have come from: the leather, the thread, the rubber, the metal – they have all come from from something that grows and breathes or been dug out of the earth. Think about the amount of work that just goes into finding those raw materials. Then think about the people involved in sourcing them and trucking them to the manufacturer. Every article we wear has been designed by someone, then made either by hand or using machines. The packaging has been designed then made from cardboard which comes from trees. More transportation gets all these things to the factory. Then we step in and place orders to bring inventory from around the world into our warehouse ready for delivery to you.


The internet itself is a vast network of machines and people all doing an enormous amount of work to make websites and blogs possible. The machines you use to connect to us also tell a long story.

So, next time you handle a beautiful pair of boots like these just take a moment to think of all the many pairs of hands and the amount of love that has gone into bringing them to you.

At The Western Boot Barn, we pride ourselves on always seeking to be offering the very best available for the price, being mindful of where all these things come from and to whom they are eventually going.

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