The New Normal

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The first month of this lightning year is nearly done. Yes, already. This week has been the return to real life for many as we tearfully kiss our long Summer holidays goodbye. We are back at work, warily eyeing off the grindstone and struggling to get back into the regular routine. Kids have returned to school around these parts, many taking a big step up and starting somewhere for the first time. New opportunities abound and they are coming at us thick and fast. Our lives are morphing at lightspeed. Everything is changing so quickly and all of a sudden we are trying to get used to a whole bunch of new stuff in our lives.

Welcome to the new normal, Bohemians.

It is an unfamiliar place and it does not feel like we belong here. We are walking like alien creatures through our new habitats, waiting…

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I have been trying to write this post for days now. This deep dark moon has been one of profound change, of much musing, of depth charges. And that sort of malarky requires stillness, quiet, solitude, nature. As we have moved into the realm of the Scorpion and the planets have begun to align in a new little corner of the sky, we have been asked to dig deep. We are nearly there now Bohemians and change is howling at us.

This much we know. Eclipses often equate with turmoil, designed to shake our cages from the inside out. Forcing us to tipping points where we have no option but to alter our course. They come in pairs, often neatly bookended as an ending and then a beginning. They magnify the energy of where they fall in the sky. We often get sideswiped by the first and spend the interim…

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